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Check-In & Security

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Admission Policy

We’re an inclusive community but an exclusive event for only the best and brightest in high-end experiential travel, which is why attendance at PURE is by invitation only.

Please be aware that no unregistered individuals will be granted access to the show or any other social functions. We reserve the right to exclude or remove anyone from the venues or events who doesn’t adhere to these policies, or who we think is likely to break the rules. If you’re on the guest list, have fun and enjoy an unforgettable week of networking!

DELEGATE PASS For security reasons all attendees must wear their delegates pass in full view during the show hours, in order to gain access to PURE.

To pick up your pass, please provide photo ID (passport, ID card or driving licence – but not a business card) when you check-in at registration.

SECURITY WRISTBAND You will need to wear your security wristband for the whole week – including Open House, the lunches, and evening events – so please don’t take it off! If for any reason you misplace yours, you’ll need to show your photo ID and pay MAD 150 in cash for a replacement, once it has been verified that you have pre-registered.

2022 Check-in

Sunday 11 September,
Open House,

Monday 12 September,
Palais de Congrès,

House Rules

While we’re all about creating a relaxed, informal space for business relationships to flourish, we do have a few house rules that all delegates need to be aware of. Please familiarise yourself with them – we don’t enjoy having to penalise anyone!

Do not miss your appointments – and make sure you are punctual! Selling directly to Exhibitors is prohibited. Private parties may only be held outside official PURE party timings, and may involve no more than 40 buyers.

Security & Valuables

Although PURE Life Experiences is an invitation only event, we strongly recommend that you do not leave valuable items of a portable nature unattended on your stand at any time. Please ensure that any incident involving loss of property is reported to the local police as soon as possible. Failure to do so could result in insurance companies refusing to meet any subsequent claim. Please note that all valuable documents and personal items should be left at all times in the safe of your hotel rooms. It is your responsibility to make sure that all of your valuables are safe at all time during your stay in Marrakech. PURE Life Experiences accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to personal belongings. 

IMPORTANT: Please note that the closing evening is a particularly busy time when stands are being dismantled and you should not leave valuable items unattended at any time. If you require secure storage at any time during the show or breakdown period, please contact the organisers’ office. 

Local authority regulations state that bag searches might be in force at exhibitions held at the venue. Every reasonable precaution is taken to ensure the safety and security of personnel and equipment and the premises are patrolled day and night. However, we cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for any injury, loss or damage, or any consequential losses which may befall your personnel and property.

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