Alexis Alford

A true traveller at heart, Alexis Alford broke the Guinness World Record for the Youngest Person to Travel to Every Country by more than three years – at just 21 years old. Her passion for new and unique experiences has led her to all 196 countries, amassed her over 250k Instagram followers and seen her blog, Lexie Limitless, hit 17k monthly readers. She uses these platforms to encourage young people, especially women, to get out of their comfort zones and discover different cultures, and has worked with brands, hotels and tour operators across the world to create promotional content.
CRACKING GEN-Z: Appealing to the Future Travellers of the World

In recent years the topic of Generation Z – and how companies can connect with this young consumer group to secure their loyalty – has been hard to avoid in the travel industry. So who better to reveal the insights your business needs to succeed than a vastly experienced traveller who belongs to this increasingly influential cohort? Hear from Alexis Alford about the key differences in the ways younger and older generations travel, and why it is Gen Z travellers who are more likely to embrace experiential trips. Her talk will also reveal how social media has impacted the travel industry and why this needs to be a key component of your brand.