Andrew Lark

Andy Lark’s twin passions are creating experiences that change lives and using technology to enable those moments to happen on a wider scale. Over the past decade, he’s been instrumental in resetting how businesses are run – and how consumers access and experience travel and destinations globally – by creating a new framework for understanding how companies can create genuine distinctiveness and difference.
BOOSTING BRAND LOVE: How to Create Distinctiveness and Difference to Grow your Business

In a crowded market where DMCs, destinations and property owners are constantly being disintermediated, how do you create difference and distinctiveness for your offering? Tapping in to his extensive experience in helping businesses grow and win consumers around the world, Andy Lark’s talk will look at how your brand can use rapidly evolving technology to create new offerings and orchestrate unmatchable experiences. Taking a long-term view, he will also probe what market shifts and prevailing trends are most likely to reshape your business – helping you to adapt to succeed now and in the future.