Delphine King

A passionate conservationist and social scientist, Delphine King has worked tirelessly for more than 20 years as a freelance consultant in some of the world’s most vulnerable areas to fight for marine and terrestrial conservation while also helping communities use sustainable resources and get involved in conservation efforts. Her philosophy for solving the world’s challenges centres around the beliefs that sharing, collaborating and changing mindsets is fundamental, and that business – especially nature-based tourism – has enormous potential to protect biodiversity and be a vehicle for sustainable development. These beliefs underpin all of her inspiring work. As Director of The Long Run, she nurtures and showcases the leaders positively impacting tourism and inclusive conservation and spreads her holistic approach to sustainability based around the balance between the 4Cs.
MAKE IT A MINDSET: Why Sustainability Needs to be More Than Just a Project

We are now at a crossroads: the planet needs minds to shift quicker, and that includes how we view the concept of sustainability. This insightful talk from one of the world’s most respected conservationists will explore why making sustainability into a mindset, and shifting attitudes from short-term to long-term – from exploitative to nurturing – is the only viable option for taking businesses into the future. Delphine will demonstrate how the 4Cs (conservation, community, culture and commerce) can act as a framework for taking a holistic approach to truly embed sustainability into an organisation.