Dietmar Mueller-Elmau

With a background in hotel administration, Indian philosophy and software development before becoming a renowned wellness hotelier, Dietmar Mueller-Elmau has always approached things differently. Since rebuilding his family retreat in the Bavarian Alps and modelling it as a five-star spa, resort and cultural centre, he has created a truly unique hideaway that is tailored to families, couples and solo travellers of varying ages. It’s a venue like no other, which plays host to lectures, concerts and world leaders (most notably the G7 Summit in 2015) as well as saunas, acclaimed restaurants and lavish accommodation, where kids are made to feel just as welcome as their parents.
FAMILY FOCUS: Why Wellness Isn't Just for Individuals

In response to a rise in teenage anxiety; screen time taking over family time; and the overarching trend towards a more wellness-centric lifestyle, the industry is increasingly moving to accommodate the modern family. As travellers seek experiences that offer them more quality, nurturing time with their loved ones, how can high-end hospitality react and provide the type of connective, group sessions they crave? An expert panel featuring Balance Holiday’s Stella Photi and Sandra Hoffman from Children’s Concierge will discuss the best ways for the industry to put family connections at the top of the agenda.