Eric Shepard

Eric Shepard made his name with his first start-up, TRILL Travel, a tech disruptor that was the first company to turn social media content from influencers into bookable experiences. Realising that consumers wanted to replicate the type of travel they saw on social platforms, and that no one was currently connecting the dots, he leveraged AI to analyse pictures and automatically create links to booking sites. The success of his pioneering idea was recently cemented by the acquisition of TRILL by Lonely Planet, which has become the first global brand to collaborate in this way with expert voices and curators, using the latest tech to take travel to exciting new places.
ENHANCED EXPERIENCES: How to Use Emerging Tech in Experiential Travel

Drawing on Eric’s expertise incorporating groundbreaking tech into experiential travel, this talk will deep dive into the newest trending technology, what problems it solves and how it can work for your business. From using AI and AR for immersive, first person content to help conversion, to tapping into recognition technology, big data and blockchain to for greater personalisation and improved customer experience, you’ll learn how to use the latest innovations – as well as which dynamic companies are driving their development.