Gabbi Cahane

As co-founder of strategy firm Multiple, Gabbi works with the founders and funders of category-defining companies to drive innovation and change; define branding; and improve reputation, value and influence. Well versed in all aspects of entrepreneurship, his career as an angel investor has seen him connect collaborators and commercial partners – as well as raising awareness, capital, and a few eyebrows along the way.
HOW TO MASTER: Using Brand, Culture and Growth as the Framework for Your Business

This masterclass will draw on Gabbi’s extensive experience in various areas of brand strategy. It will provide a tangible framework for companies to better define their purpose, positioning and personality; develop their internal culture and behaviour; and also look ahead to future growth. By showing how to develop these foundational principles for your brand, Gabbi will give you the tools that will enable you to take a position of leadership, take on threats and opportunities, and, ultimately, take over the world.