Holly Tuppen

Holly’s passion for travelling the world responsibly started in 2008 when she set off on a 20-month around-the-world-without-flying adventure. After sailing, cycling, walking and hitchhiking oceans, deserts and mountain ranges, Holly returned to spread the word about sustainable travel through marketing for Greentraveller and as editor of Green Hotelier. She is now a travel writer and consultant specialising in sustainability and conservation working for the likes of Suitcase, The Long Run, World Travel and Tourism Council, ABTA, TTG and The Guardian.
HOW TO MASTER: Creating Sustainability Stories that Engage Guests and Staff

These days, people don’t just want to buy into what you do; they want to know why you do it, and to feel part of your company’s purpose. To really sell the sustainable side of your business you need to be an expert in storytelling – turning facts and reports into engaging narrative to educate and involve your staff, your guests and your shareholders. This masterclass will cover everything you need to know about sharing your sustainability journey with integrity and impact, whether you’re a seasoned sustainability pro or just getting started, covering everything from green-washing to identifying talking points and trends.