James Currie

Alongside his role as a brand ambassador for Wilderness Safaris, one of the world’s most renowned sustainable travel operators, James Currie has presented a number of popular birding TV shows on the Discovery Channel and has led professional wildlife and birding tours for more than 20 years. His work has taken him to every corner of the globe and seen him appear as a special guest or consultant on TV, radio and film, lending his expertise, sharing his passion and spreading his message. He is an expert in the fields of sustainable development and environmental management, having worked as Managing Director of the non-profit Africa Foundation, forging links between local communities and wildlife and international travellers.
COLLABORATION NOT COMPETITION: Why and How to Work Together for Positive Change

Being truly sustainable is so much more than just ‘going green’; it requires a commitment to the four pillars of sustainability: environment, economics, culture and society. Good businesses do all four at once, but will have a greater impact if they collaborate with others. Sustainability should not be competitive – it’s about realising that everyone has a part to play (and that even giving 1% is better than nothing). This talk will explore how hotels, tour operators and destinations, regardless of their size, can work together to reduce their environmental impact without increasing costs. Examples include a continent-wide conservation strategy, a hotel-led waste management scheme with corporate sponsorship, and how to exchange sustainability knowledge in a global organisation.