James Glancy

After serving around the world in the Royal Marines and British Special Forces, James Glancy now dedicates his time and energy to conservation charity Veterans for Wildlife. The organisation deploys highly skilled and experienced former service personnel to prevent wildlife crime, having helped build community-owned nature reserves and reintroduce rhinos into protected areas. James’ mission, typified by his work as presenter of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, is to educate people about the devastating decline in nature as a result of human activity and what they can do to change it.
FUELLING THE FUTURE: How Conservation and Tourism Drive Each Other

According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), we are witnessing the greatest extinction crisis since dinosaurs disappeared from our planet 65 million years ago. For iconic species like jaguar, stingray and rhino, the threat is now so great that their fate sometimes lies in the hands of a few private landowners and tourism businesses. This talk will introduce the audience to pioneering individuals leading the conservation charge, from Raja Ampat’s pristine coral reefs to the world’s largest wetlands in Brazil’s Pantanal. Looking at successful examples from Africa, Brazil and Indonesia, you’ll learn how to use wildlife tourism to protect vital ecosystems while proving the economic value of conservation.