Jens Kozany

After spending time in South Africa’s famous winelands and working as operations manager for the Seychelles’ exclusive North Island, Jens Kozany became addicted to the concept of a remote existence, finding a love for marrying wilderness experiences with a unique and exclusive lifestyle. In 2012 he helped create the Segera Retreat – now an award-winning, eco-luxury safari outpost – in philanthropist Jochen Zeitz’s private wildlife sanctuary in Kenya, putting the Long Run’s ‘4Cs’ sustainability philosophy into practice. Combining fine wines, culinary delights and personalised service with conservation, community, culture and commerce, Segera has become a driving force in worldwide sustainable tourism.
OUR BIGGEST ASSET: Creating Positive Partnerships with Local Communities

Community is an increasingly compelling buzzword in the luxury travel industry, but what does good community engagement look like and how can it heighten your operational and guest experience? Tourism relies on good service and positive community relations, so inclusive growth is not about developing isolated pockets of best practice but rather forging a local, sustainable economy for the greater good – especially where travel is a significance GDP contributor. This panel will take the audience on a journey exploring community relations from rainforest villages in Costa Rica to a hotel school for locals in Indonesia and empowering women from local tribes in Kenya.