Jerome Mass

A true maverick in the world of experiential branding, Jerome Maas is driven by his passion for making a long-lasting, positive impact on the planet while disrupting industries and reinventing out-dated models. His company, The Flash Pack, straddle the space between creativity, technology and real-world design, where Jerome leads a 30-strong team of innovators, creatives and producers who design unforgettable marketing moments for some of the world’s biggest brands and their associated agencies.
HOW TO MASTER: Creating Social Currency Through Experiential Branding

How can high-end travel companies apply the skill and success of world-leading experiential brand campaigns to their own destination marketing? Drawing on his extensive expertise in developing creative content and striking experiential marketing campaigns, Jerome Maas’ masterclass will provide the answers. Using the seven key steps to approaching experiential design – understanding your audience, knowing your business objectives, setting a budget, planning, getting creative, be braving and amplifying your narrative – this talk will provide a strategic overview for brands looking to create social currency to engage existing and potential audiences.