Julie Cheetham

After 15 years in the financial services sector, Julie pursued her passion for sustainable development, conservation and human rights by joining the Grootbos Foundation as Managing Director and heading up Responsible Tourism for the Private Nature Reserve (PNR). Recognised as a world leader in luxury ecotourism, the Grootbos PNR goes beyond simply preserving South Africa’s pristine wilderness; the team constantly researches and innovates to pioneer new ways of transforming the lives of local communities, while always sharing knowledge and experiences with other properties and non-profits around the world.
MAKE IT A MINDSET: Why Sustainability Needs to be More Than Just a Project

We are now at a crossroads: the planet needs minds to shift quicker, and that includes how we view the concept of sustainability. This insightful talk from one of the world’s most respected conservationists will explore why making sustainability into a mindset, and shifting attitudes from short-term to long-term – from exploitative to nurturing – is the only viable option for taking businesses into the future. Delphine will demonstrate how the 4Cs (conservation, community, culture and commerce) can act as a framework for taking a holistic approach to truly embed sustainability into an organisation.