Kuba Nowak

Born in communist Poland, raised in Canada and now a loyal Londoner, Kuba Nowak is a true global citizen. His life experiences have informed his work as a photographer, filmmaker, community builder and visual storyteller, turning an empathetic eye to explore themes of displacement, nostalgia, transformation and belonging. Following high-profile projects for some of the world’s most iconic brands, including Dove, Bacardi, Oxfam and Ferrari, Kuba’s latest collaboration sees him venture into the Atlas Mountains to tell the story of hope, love and determination as Education For All help Moroccan girls access life-changing education.
CHANGING WORLDS: The Power of Visual Storytelling

Following on from their powerful short film about Changing Worlds with Education For All in the Atlas Mountains, director Kuba Nowak and content expert Juliet Kinsman host an insightful Q&A. Discover their views on how to convey a powerful story that provokes emotion, as well as creating quality editorial about meaningful experiences, as they take a look at brands that really pull people in rather than just push out marketing information. Sam Sutaria, Head of strategy at global interactive streaming service WaterBear Network, also shares his expert opinions on turning inspiration into action. With so many hotels now spending lavishly on promotional videos that don’t deliver return on investment, there’s never been a better time to learn about creating more compelling visual narratives.