Leah Della-Guardia

As a key member of the Saira Hospitality team, Leah is instrumental in helping the non-profit achieve their goal of educating and empowering under-advantaged communities. Partnering with luxury hotels to set up pop-up hospitality schools around the world and train local communities for entry-level jobs, the organisation provides much-needed opportunities for ambitious, dedicated people to change their lives for the better.
HOW TO MASTER: Cultivating the Hospitality Gene Within Local Communities

The travel industry needs to change its approach to entering neighbourhoods. Hospitality owners and operators know the value of embracing the local community, but other than supporting the occasional local coffee grower or artisan, how can companies truly integrate into the communities in which they operate? This masterclass will look at the importance of giving back before taking in order to engage the local population; understand their needs and concerns; and ensure their buy-in while also achieving long-term business success.