Louise Cottar

With over 24 years’ experience working in the Horn of Africa, particularly Somalia – in roles as diverse as strategic planning, needs assessment, policy analysis, aid effectiveness and political economy – Louise Cottar is an expert consultant with truly unique insights. During her time with the United Nations, The World Bank and as an independent, she has always worked in volatile areas – be they war zones or vulnerable ecosystems – and her passion for shifting states of fragility to states of stability is evident across all of her work.
COMMERCE AND LEGACY: Making a Business Case for the Future

One of the most pressing challenges for leading sustainable properties – and any business driven by more than just the bottom line – is how to secure their legacy and ensure the next generation carries on their good work. Drawing from innovative examples, including the likes of The Long Run, this talk will discuss the pioneering tools needed to ensure biodiversity is conserved; intergenerational plans to engage future conservationists; and the financial mechanisms needed to support the ‘4Cs’ of sustainability: conservation, community, culture and commerce.