Nikhil Kapur

As well as being an established Ironman Triathlete, Nikhil Kapur co-founded the award-winning Atmantan Wellness Centre in Mulshi – a hill station near Pune, India. The resort provides deep, authentic and multi-dimensional wellness experiences focused on healing atma (soul), mana (mind) and tann (body) in unison, with guests cared for and served with warm Indian hospitality. Driven by his passion for sustainability Nikhil also set up Keona Organics, which facilitates organic farming practices in farms near Pune, to create more awareness around organic produce and encourage people to make responsible food choices in their own lives.
BEYOND THE SPA: Creating Transformational Journeys through Authentic Wellness

Underpinned by the seemingly unstoppable trend of transformational travel, authentic journeys and grassroots experiences, the wellness industry is diversifying and travellers are now looking for more than just a visually appealing hotel spa. With bespoke treatments, programmes and yoga retreats already a given, this panel will look at what’s next for world of wellness travel and, more importantly, how businesses can evolve their offerings for discerning customers. Join Mason Rose’s Head of Wellness Jacinta Stevens in conversation with fellow experts Livia Manca di Willahermosa, Nikhail Kapur and Peta Pantos to find out how to take craft truly transformational journeys.