Palma Michel

Spurred by her belief that the key to changing worlds is changing minds, Palma left the corporate world in 2013 to combine coaching and mindfulness – introducing her techniques to corporations as more than just a wellbeing tool. She develops emotional depth in business leaders to help them create innovative cultures and take sustainable decisions for the benefit of all. Her clients include Facebook, CNN, Soho House, The London School of Economics as well as numerous founders, CEOs and philanthropists, and her meditations are featured on Meditation Studio and Insight Timer, two of the most successful global meditation apps.
HOW TO MASTER: Becoming a more Mindful and Productive Leader

We live in a world of constant change, uncertainty and increased complexity – and the biggest challenge to leadership is not intelligence or commitment, but staying focused, healthy and comfortable with the unknown. Mindfulness training not only changes our in-built response to pressure and strengthens our emotional intelligence – it also enables leaders to adapt and develop a more productive and sustainable way of operating in the world. This masterclass will arm you with practical mindfulness tools, and the science behind them; provide an overview on what mindful leadership is, and debunk the myth of multitasking; and demonstrate how these techniques can benefit you, your employees and your company.