Sandra Hoffman

Sandra Hoffman set up education company Children’s Concierge, LLC, to help families explore destinations around the world to further embellish their children’s education, working with schools, child development centres, museums, historic houses and hotels. She’s an educator and psychologist with a passion for real-world learning; connecting families with the world around them; and helping everyone realise their own potential and how they fit into the world. Her work is driven by a firm belief that travel awakens curiosity and that being curious is the first step towards great learning, understanding and appreciation.
FAMILY FOCUS: Why Wellness Isn’t Just for Individuals

In response to a rise in teenage anxiety; screen time taking over family time; and the overarching trend towards a more wellness-centric lifestyle, the industry is increasingly moving to accommodate the modern family. As travellers seek experiences that offer them more quality, nurturing time with their loved ones, how can high-end hospitality react and provide the type of connective, group sessions they crave? An expert panel featuring Balance Holiday’s Stella Photi and Sandra Hoffman from Children’s Concierge will discuss the best ways for the industry to put family connections at the top of the agenda.