Senta Slingerland

Excited by the fact that power and innovative ideas are increasingly coming from new demographics, industries and parts of the world, Senta Slingerland launched a programme in 2014 to accelerate the careers of female creatives in the advertising industry. She has since written a book called City Shapers London about the creative people in the city who are changing its very culture by making it more liveable, inclusive and, essentially, more interesting. Her next exciting step is to develop this concept into a global platform of influential ‘city shapers’.
BEYOND PROFIT: Building Purposeful Brands, with Integrity

Purpose is a reason for a brand to exist beyond simply making a profit. But in this era of political turmoil, global warming and ever-increasing competition, there is a temptation to green- and pinkwash. So how do you build brands with purpose in a sustainable, authentic and impactful way? This talk will look at cases from other industries where brands have embraced their values and seen great business success, as well as providing a simple guide that will help you on your way to figuring out the ‘what, how and why’ of your brand and develop ways to integrate these in your marketing and guest experiences.