Sonia Ferre

Following a personal crisis and moment of realisation, Sonia Ferre left her job in the textile industry in 2013 to open MasQi, The Energy House on a 19th century farm in the heart of the Sierra de Mariola Natural Park. Fuelled by her desire to share her experiences and understanding of life with her guests, this boutique wellness hotel seeks to help travellers become more aware of their lives and the changes they want, or need, to make. Through a programme of yoga, meditation, macrobiotic food and energetic therapies – all surrounded by beautiful, rugged nature – Sonia improves people’s health, lifestyle and happiness.
OVERCOMING ADVERSITY: How to Embrace Change and Trust Your Intuition

This intimate talk will begin with a sound healing session by Sonia Ferre, owner of holistic sanctuary MasQi Energy House, followed by an inspiring, insightful account of the journey she and elite business coach James Boyd took – going from a position of strife to strength in their personal and professional lives. They will share the knowledge you need to turn to, and trust, your intuition, eschewing the ‘how to live your best life’ clichés in favour of a more practical approach. Join them for an inclusive sharing of thoughts as they unearth key takeaways on how you can embrace change to overcome adversity.