Steven Overman

As a transformational business and brand leader, and author of The Conscience Economy, Steven has been at the forefront of global societal change for decades. He has collaborated with the world’s leading creative studios and advertising agencies, innovated sustainable hospitality concepts and co-created award-winning youth marketing campaigns.

Environmental and economic sustainability, living a meaningful life that makes a difference for others, and catalysing a better world for all are no longer nice-to-haves, but urgent priorities. Brands that build these imperatives into all that they do will be ahead of the curve, enjoying clear brand differentiation, customer preference and the bottom-line benefits of sustainable operations. Luxury brands are poised – and have a duty – to lead in this new era by becoming ‘conscious economy companies’ and balancing profit with purpose, which is why this session will explore practical ways to embed business practices as a force for good into your operations to make what you do more meaningful for yourself, staff and guests.