Thomas Reilly

Thomas Reilly has served as British Ambassador to Morocco since 2017, during which time he was also Her Majesty’s non-resident Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Mauritania. As ambassador he is responsible for the bilateral relations between the UK and Morocco as well as the welfare of the more than 630,000 British tourists who visit Morocco each year. Having previously worked as a government relations advisor at Royal Dutch Shell, in addition to several prominent public sector postings, Thomas is currently extending bilateral relations into the arenas of culture and sport areas while also developing better trading links between the two countries.
CHANGING WORLDS: How We Made a Film and the Importance of Educating Women

Hear from Education For All (EFA) Founder Mike McHugo, MBE, and British Ambassador Thomas Reilly about why the inspiring non-profit organisation is having such a profound impact, and how the incredible story was captured on film. Staying true to the years of trust-building work EFA undertook with the Berber village communities, journalist and storyteller Juliet Kinsman and filmmaker Kuba Nowak showed a great sensitivity for the charity, and the boarding houses they filmed in, to portray the film’s subjects as equals, not victims – crucial for connecting with a world suffer from ‘charity fatigue’. Discover why the film ultimately delivers a deeper universal message that enables the viewer to connect authentically, and how they broke through the usual ‘charity filter’ by bridging the gap between worlds and demonstrating how we can learn from each other.