An Update On PURE 2021

Hello PUREist,


It’s with a heavy heart that we’re writing this message to you today, almost two years since we were all last in Marrakech together, to confirm that the physical edition of PURE will sadly not take place in November 2021 as planned. We are truly heartbroken… again! We have been holding out as long as possible but the uncertainty of the landscape today leaves us no choice.

Our team has worked tirelessly for the duration of the pandemic to deliver this edition of PURE, so that we could all reunite once again. We worked relentlessly to adapt and realize new ways to make the show exciting and Covid-safe. We imagined a new more festival-like format, negotiated special hotel rates for our exhibitors and even found a brand new venue to celebrate PURE’s return to its home, Marrakech.

With vaccination programmes gaining momentum around the world, and travel opening up, we felt sure that the physical PURE 2021 could remain an international gathering of experiential travel’s top-tier World Changers. However, a combination of recent factors has led us to the decision to cancel the physical edition of the 2021 event.

The changing restrictions on public and private gatherings in Morocco, and the worrying expectation of new variants surging in September, make the prospect of a successful in-real-life PURE too risky to commit to at this stage. Not surprisingly, many of our participants decided to opt out of the physical show as a result and chose to commit to our digital edition of the 2021 show.

Although we are confident that the situation in Morocco will improve in the coming months, as a small, independent exhibition organiser, we know that a last-minute cancellation would undoubtedly risk the future of PURE, due to our imminent production payment deadlines without the security of insurance. We also know that leaving this decision any longer could leave you with losses from flight and hotel bookings, and this is not a gamble we are willing to take. 



As ever, we did not accept this setback easily and have toyed with the idea to organise a much smaller pop-up event in Marrakech at the last minute if we were allowed, for those who wanted and were able to come. But we have also realised that, with restrictions ongoing in Marrakech, the odds are still against us and we do not feel comfortable delivering an event, however small, that could not live up to the magical memories and expectations you have of PURE.

So there it is: we’ve said before that organising international exhibitions in 2021 is like a nightmarish game of Tetris, and to continue trying at this stage would be irresponsible on multiple levels. So, unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control we are unable to host our physical reunion in Marrakech in November.

Instead, fuelled by the amazing support that you have shown for our small company, we will first and foremost focus on making the digital edition of the 2021 show a roaring success for you all. We will then get our creative juices flowing again to prepare the most epic PURE 2022, and even work on a few surprises to get the PURE community together in the meantime.

Once again, we apologise for not being able to welcome you back to Marrakech. Thank you for your incredible support during these difficult times; PURE would not be able to still exist without your understanding and constant support. We truly look forward to repaying your trust in us.


Warmest Regards,

Serge Dive

CEO & Founder, This is Beyond Ltd.


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