Buyer FAQs

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What makes a PURE buyer?


PURE buyers use their imagination to tell a story through unique travel experiences. They focus on experiential travel and operate globally. We always look for change-makers i.e. the people who decide what their product offer can be and do. Once our buyers join the PURE community, they’re a pivotal part of it, holding the power to transform places and protect the planet through high-end travel opportunities.

How do you qualify buyers?


To ensure we stick to allocated buyer spaces and maintain PURE’s quality, we take our time selecting who is right for our event. Hoping to be accepted for PURE? Several factors are at play. The timing of your application, your high-end experiential product offering, positive (and relevant) references, and the number of places available in your region all inform the decisions we make. We also check whether or not you attended PURE the previous year, or if there’s any crossover with This is Beyond’s other shows. There are limited spaces overall, so we have to be very selective, but we like to keep a good balance between returning and new buyers.

When should I submit my application?


As early as you can! Our programme always fills up fast. Once our programme is full, we put together a waitlist, too.

What references should I submit?


Please submit three references from suppliers strictly from our exhibitors list. They must be from three different continental regions to show that you operate globally. However, we don’t need a particular contact – just the name of the property/DMC from our list that you have worked with. If the supplier has multiple branches, please specify the branch you’ve collaborated with. If you don’t work with any of the suppliers on our list, feel free to use our guest list as a black-book to help you to grow your contacts and connect. Steadily, you might qualify for PURE in the future.

I am a region-specific buyer, can I apply?


No, unfortunately we don’t qualify regional applicants. One of the main criteria for PURE buyers is that they operate in regions all over the world, as you could have meetings with product from any continent.

I’ve submitted my application – what’s next?


Great! We’ll review your application and get back to you as soon as a decision has been made. Our small team has hundreds of applications to process, so please be patient. Please note that your place isn’t confirmed until you receive confirmation and have paid the Community Fee. Also, since you sign the Terms & Conditions when you submit your application, you commit to being available on all of the show’s dates. If you’ve applied but are unavailable when we select you, you’ll be liable for an admin fee of £250. So, let us know if you want to withdraw your application.

Do you have a waitlist?


Yes, we do have a waitlist and we’re constantly updating it. If you make it on there and a place becomes available, we’ll contact you. We keep in touch with our waitlisted buyers to check whether they’re still available, as a place may become available at any stage before the show. Please note, once the diaries are already created, we can’t change them. So, if you’re offered a place past Phase 2, you will be taking on a cancelled buyer’s diary.

If I change companies/host agencies, can my participation be transferred to a new one?


No, your participation is linked to the company or host agency that we’ve already qualified for PURE. You’ll need to complete a new application.

Can my colleague replace me if I am unavailable?


Maybe. Delegate swaps are allowed strictly at PURE’s discretion. Your substitute must be of the equivalent role and seniority (or higher) within your organisation to be considered.

Can multiple colleagues from the same company apply?


Our hosted buyer places are restricted to one candidate per company. If your application to PURE is accepted, a second decision-maker from your company can join you at your meetings if you purchase an Additional Delegate Badge for either £1299 (early bird rate) or £1399 (standard rate) plus VAT.

Is there a participation fee for buyers?


We charge our buyers a non-refundable £399 Community Fee to participate. A portion of this fee is donated to our partner charity, Education for All.

What’s included for a hosted buyer?


A hosted buyer will receive a tailor-made diary with up to 42 appointments, access to Open House and networking lunches each day of the show, as well as an invite to our three iconic evening parties and the Community Project. We also offer buyers a fully hosted four-night stay in one of our partner hotels. Please note, flights or any additional nights at the hotel are not included.

Are there any cancellation fees?


When you submit your application, you must sign the Terms & Conditions, where all our cancellation fees are described for both your participation and the hosted accommodation. Therefore, make sure you’re fully committed before you submit your application.

What if we accept you but you decline to attend? Or you fail to pay your Community Fee by the deadline? In both cases, you’ll be charged a £250 administration fee.

Hotel cancellation fees are calculated individually, depending on the number of days missed, up to £250 per night, so make sure you opt out of hosted accommodation if you would like to stay elsewhere on any night throughout the show.

Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for full details on cancellation fees.

Who is qualified for an Additional Delegate Badge and what’s included?


We offer Additional Delegate Badges for decision-making colleagues that can be purchased at £1299 + VAT at an early bird rate, or at £1399 + VAT from 1 June 2024.

This includes:

– A shared diary with the main registered delegate

– Access to the show floor – Full access to Open House

– Transfers between hosting hotels

– An invitation to our exclusive parties

– Everyday networking lunches

Additional Delegate Badges are subject to availability and are issued at PURE’s discretion upon request. Please note, accommodation and flights aren’t included in the additional badge – they must be arranged independently. You’ll be able to share your hosted accommodation, if you want to, by covering any extra fees. Once the hotel allocates the main delegate’s accomodation nearer the show itself, you can discuss it with them.

Can my family member/friend join me at PURE?


We don’t offer guest passes to friends and family and they’re not allowed at PURE events. If you have someone in mind who’s also involved in your business, they may be eligible to an Additional Delegate Badge to join your meetings. Want to discuss this option? Just get in touch.

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