Innovation Lab.

7-9 September 2023 | La Sultana Oualidia

Uniting the PURE Awards finalists leading the way in experiential travel, Innovation Lab is PURE’s think-tank-style leadership summit – where pioneering PUREists come together to define the future of our industry.

Held over the two days leading up to PURE 2023, Innovation Lab will be hosted at the stunning La Sultana Oualidia. With a backdrop of crashing Moroccan waves and sun-kissed desertscapes our 12 leaders will have the space needed to discuss, define and develop tangible ways PUREists can work together to truly #ChangeWorlds.


Experiential innovation


This year’s Innovation Lab will focus on corralling the collective experience of the PURE Awards finalists to develop a tangible guide to Changing Worlds.

Through sharing experiences and problems related to each of the four Awards categories – conservation, creativity, change-making and community – our finalists will work towards valuable solutions for how experiential travel can continue to innovate and progress.

In the months following PURE we’ll share the findings in a thought provoking white paper, full of actionable insights to help benefit the whole community.

Want a seat at the table?


Applications to attend Innovation Lab 2023 have now closed.

As this year’s Innovation Lab attendees will be made up of the 12 shortlisted PURE Awards finalists, the decision of who attends the summit now rests in the hands of the Awards Judges. One thing is for sure, they will represent the very best examples of PUREists leading the way in experiential travel.

Watch this space to find out who has bagged a seat at the Innovation Lab table and a chance at winning a coveted PURE Award…

All PURE Awards entrants will be notified if they have been shortlisted as a finalist by the end of June 2023.

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