The PURE Appointments Process

phase 1

Online profiling

25 March - 23 May

*Phase 1 applies to exhibitors, buyers & media

As your company representative, this is your chance to make sure that your brand stands out and your profile does you justice. You’ll be asked a number of questions regarding your business, the services and products you offer and the regions you operate in (this information will not be visible to your competitors.) Your online profile will be directly based on the answers you give.

phase 2

Choosing your appointment preferences

27 June - 19 July

*Phase 2 applies to exhibitors, buyers & media

At this stage, you can view all the buyers & media or exhibitors attending PURE and choose who you would like to have a meeting with. We recommend using all 70 preferences available to increase your chance of having a full diary of 42 appointments. If you both choose to meet each other, your chances of having an appointment will be higher.

Once the appointment preferences have been submitted, the system is programmed to run an advantaged algorithm to schedule your initial PURE diary. 

phase 3

Online diary goes live

12 Aug

*Phase 3 applies to exhibitors, buyers & media

In the final phase you’ll be invited to view your online diary, where you can see all the appointments created for you, and fill any empty slots. You will be able to search and view buyers & media or exhibitors still available during these slots, and contact them directly with a meeting request.

Once approved by both parties, these new appointments will be added into your final diary.

Missed appointments

We take the issue of missed appointments very seriously.

Unless you provide a sufficient and relevant explanation for your absence, missing even just one appointment could compromise your opportunity to participate in PURE or any This is Beyond event in the future.

All missed appointments are recorded and monitored tightly – the relevant forms will be available at registration. We kindly ask you to report every missed appointment and drop the forms at the designated area on the registration desks.

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